The Dogs of Mexico – Interview with John J Asher

by Tommy Kendrick on July 23, 2015



I recently completed producing and narrating the audiobook version of THE DOGS OF MEXICO by John J Asher.

Below is a short video interview I recently recorded with John J Asher about the development of this novel and about his creative process.

If you want to know more about books by John J Asher visit his Amazon Author’s Page.

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Casting Director Jen Rudin

Casting director Jen Rudin discusses her new book, CONFESSIONS OF A CASTING DIRECTOR, with Tommy G. Kendrick, actor and host of ACTORS TALK PODCAST.

Jen Rudin casting director

confessions of a casting dirjen rudin and book

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I Do Have A REAL Job I’m An ACTOR

March 19, 2014
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IS ACTING YOUR JOB? Here’s a tee shirt I had made up just for us actors. An actor shirt. It says just what we have so often told family and friends. “I DO HAVE A JOB – I’M AN ACTOR.” This is a limited time offer from Teespring. Pre order and if we get 10 […]

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ACTORS TALK Podcast – Conversation with Actor Gregory Walcott

June 12, 2012

A top-flight character actor and sometime leading man, Gregory Walcott has managed to bridge the tail-end of the studio system, the heyday of series television, and the boom years of the post-studio 1970s, and carve a notable career in the process. He was born Bernard Mattox in 1928 (some sources say 1932) in Wendell, NC, a small town about 10 miles east of the state capitol of Raleigh. After serving in the Army following the end of the Second World War, he decided to try for an acting career and hitchhiked his way to California.

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ACTORS TALK PODCAST with Tommy G. Kendrick – Join Me There

May 7, 2012

ACTORS TALK PODCAST is for actors of every level. Interviews with actors, writers, directors and other creatives who are taking control of their careers by producing their own projects!

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The Still Acting Blog – That’s A Wrap

December 26, 2011

, it will allow me to bring in other actors, writers, directors, casting directors, agents, producers, union reps, etc. for interviews. That part is very exciting to me and I think these interviews will be very beneficial to all of us actors. I’ll also have the opportunity to interview filmmakers about casting opportunities and/or about the process of making independent films.

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Scam Alert: Texas Deregulates Talent Agencies

June 27, 2011

With no licensing and no bonding required for talent agencies, expect an influx of rip off ‘agents’ who will steer new comers and wannabes to ‘their’ photographers, ‘their’ demo reel or ‘slate’ producers, ‘their’ acting coaches or ‘schools’ etc. And don’t forget the ‘upfront fees’ that the scammers often charge.

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How To Boost Your IMDB STARmeter Ranking

June 1, 2011

Not to overstate. No casting person has said ‘we’re casting right off the IMDB’ so you’d better have a subscription to IMDB PRO and you’d better have your photos and resumes there and you’d better be sure all your credits are there and that they’re accurate AND YOU’D BETTER BE AWARE OF YOUR STARmeter ranking. No one has said that. Yet

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My Thoughts About Soul Surfer

April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday seemed like a good time to check out Soul Surfer at the local cineplex. Before I spend a few minutes wandering in the wilderness of my own messy thought process, let me say up front that Soul Surfer is a good movie. It works. Remember I said that. Now on to the wandering… […]

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Film Acting Demo Now On Vimeo

February 21, 2011

Well, more and more actors are being asked for links to their online demos when being submitted for film projects. Just makes sense to have your demo as available as possible.

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