Welcome Back

by txactor on February 8, 2008

Today I welcome back….ME.

Man, It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. Life just kept getting in the way. [The BEST NEWS is that my wife, Jane remains cancer free and is doing just fine. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes alond the way. Keep ’em coming.] But all is moving along rather smoothly…at the moment…and I feel like it’s time to ‘get back in the game’.

I’ve been investigating moving this blog and some other projects onto a WordPress platform. The more I look at WP, the more I like it and, in all my spare time, I’m trying to learn enough to utilize this very powerful platform in useful ways. One site that I’ve found to be particularly helpful is at WPDesigner.com run by a very smart and friendly fellow who goes by the moniker Small Potato. Be sure to check out the WPDesigner $5 Theme Club when you visit his site. The information on this site is worth more than a $5 donation so getting the WP Themes is really just a fre*ebie.

For novices like me, his site is a treasure trove of useful information and links. I’ve been working through his outstanding tutorial series on creating a WordPress theme. Incredibly, his turtorials, all FR*EE, have me getting somewhat up to speed on understanding not only WP but also CSS.

I’ll close this out with a nod to another blogging tool that I’ve found to be fun, functional and foward thinking! (How’s that for alliteration?). That tool is SmartLinks from a company called AdaptiveBlue. I’m still an infant at using the AdaptiveBlue tools but even so, I think it’s a great tool with a lot of upside potential.

Shortly I hope to share new headshots, such as the one in this post, updated audition information and general news of what’s going on in the Austin and Texas film community.

For better or worse…I’m back.


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