SAG Waivers Allow Indie Productions to Shoot During Strike

by txactor on June 4, 2008

As negotiations begin again with the AMPTP, SAG is using one tool at its disposal that might put some pressure on the producers organization to settle, a waiver available only to indie productions.

By signing the SAG waiver the production company agrees to comply with the eventual deal hammered out with the AMPTP. This deal assures those signing that their projects can continue working in the event of a strike following the June 30th contract expiration date.

Among the titles know to be working with the SAG waiver:

* “Edge of Darkness,” directed by Martin Campbell and starring Mel Gibson.

* Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush drama “W,” starring Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks. (Shooting in Louisiana)

* “My One and Only” starring Renee Zellweger and Chris Noth and directed by Richard Loncraine.

* “Big Eyes,” with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski directing. Kate Hudson and Tom Haden Church star.

* “Labor Pains,” with Lara Shapiro directing a Capitol Films castoff in which Lindsay Lohan stars.

* “Pandorum,” a sci-fi space thriller starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster and directed by Christian Alvert.

* “Bad Lieutenant,” starring Nicolas Cage. Werner Herzog is directing. (will Shoot in New Orleans)

* “Killing Pablo,” with Joe Carnahan directing and Bob Yari producing .

* “Brooklyn’s Finest,” with Antoine Fuqua directing Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle.

As Daily Variety says:

The current number of waivers is triple what SAG had signed three months ago — and an indication there will be a modicum of feature shooting in the coming months.

SAG waivers are available only to productions that have no financing or distribution deals in place with producers represented by the AMPTP.

The full take from Daily Variety is available Here.

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