by txactor on March 10, 2009

SXSW is fast approaching and there are more than a few things to plan for. To start with, check out premiere screenings of the latest from Austin filmmakers Tim McCanlies and John Bryant.

Tim McCanlies, well known for his family friendly fare such as DANCER TX, POP. 81 and SECONDHAND LIONS as well as the award winning screenplay for IRON GIANT offers up a complete change of pace with this low budget comedy that, based on the script I read, is definitely not one for the kiddies to attend.

The 2 Bobs
Director/Writer: Tim McCanlies
Just as they finish their groundbreaking violent video-game masterpiece, the two gaming legends known as “The Two Bobs” discover that their precious game-software has been stolen… and with it, their livelihoods, genius reputations, everything they own. Cast: Tyler Francavilla, Devin Ratray, Mika Boorem, Cody Kasch, Leonardo Nam (World Premiere)

Narrative Feature
World Premiere
screening in: Spotlight Premieres
Screening Times

6:45 PM, Friday March 13th – Austin Convention Ctr

6:30 PM, Monday March 16th – Paramount

John Bryant
has taken his award winning short, BROTHERLY LOVE and transformed it into a feature length film called THE OVERBROOK BROTHERS. I saw an early screening some months ago at the Austin Film Society that had the audience alternately laughing and wincing as the brothers duke it out…literally and figuratively turning a family get together into an ‘all hell breaks loose’ dramedy.

Having read the script, I was eager to see how a particularly ‘edgy’ scene would play. I must say, my inner boy took over and I laughed a lot. Looks to me like John Bryant is just scratching the surface of his talent here and I recommend you check out THE OVERBROOK BROTHERS.

The Overbrook Brothers
Director: John Bryant. Writer: John Bryant and Jason Foxworth
Jason brings his girlfriend home for Christmas… and bad things happen. Cast: Nathan Harlan, Mark Reeb, Laurel Whitsett, Steve Zissis, John Jones (World Premiere)

Screening Times

4:15 PM, Sunday March 15th – Alamo Ritz

9:30 PM, Monday March 16th – Alamo Lamar 3

10:00 PM, Saturday March 21st – Paramount

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