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Twilight Nation Poster

Twilight Nation Poster

TWILIGHT NATION by Philip Daay and Chris Engen, is a television series script. Set in the old west, William must choose how he will live his life and after life with the guidance of others.

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As a Reminder, parking signs at St. Edward’s are NOT enforced on the weekends.


Based in Austin, Philip Daay learned his craft from the late Malvin Wald, the Oscar-nominated writer of the legendary noir classic The Naked City. Born to immigrants, his mother from Thailand and his father from Iraq, Philip’s first break came with the sale of his movie Left In Darkness to prolific television producer/writer Stephen J. Cannell. The movie enjoyed a release on Worldwide DVD and the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy).

Ever since, Philip has continued his work in the entertainment industry. Past options include a Horror project to Haxan Films/White Ape; the creators of the cult hit The Blair Witch Project. He has also signed a past option on a Sci-Fi/Horror script with producer Robert Kandle and Oscar-nominated producer David Levy. He has recently concluded a Romance/Comedy assignment still in development for director Todd Cantelon and Trillenium Media Group up in Canada.

Philip’s upcoming projects include Black Salt, an Action/Martial Arts/Thriller starring Michael Jai White and Tom Sizemore to be directed by veteran stunt coordinator Nick Powell. He also wrote the upcoming Sci-Fi/Action graphic novel Scionic for Arcana Studios to be published in 2010.

CHRIS ENGEN A talented writer, musician and actor, Chris Engen has enjoyed an extensive career over the past decade. He played recurring roles on varied television shows such as CSI: New York and Felicity and main character roles for Saints & Sinners and As If. His movie career began in 2004 with DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS. His acting continued as one of the main characters on the movie LEFT IN DARKNESS written by Philip Daay. His latest projects include primary cast in EASY RIDER: THE RIDE BACK the official prequel to the classic EASY RIDER in 1969 starring Dennis Hopper. His collaborative relationship with Philip began on the set of LEFT IN DARKNESS which culminated with Twilight Nation.

More about Script to Screen:

The Script to Screen series is a LIVE read with professional actors of un-produced film or TV scripts before an industry audience. Our scripts are selected from professional writers and/or script festival winners. They are rehearsed, directed and performed by professionals before industry casting directors, producers, directors, potential investors and industry pros for one performance only.

The Script to Screen program began in Houston in 2007 and has grown to now include regular reads in the Austin and Dallas area. Production, financing and re-development of these projects has been the result. Script to Screen is committed to helping professional writers present their work to potential investors and provide a level of talent that can help facilitate casting. Our goal is to provide more work opportunities for industry professionals living and working in Texas.

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